Save a Bundle of Money at Disney World in Florida!

(Psst...It really doesn't have to be so expensive!)


Planning a trip to Disney World in Orlando? Wondering how you can save some money on your Orlando vacation to Disney World? Is this even possible? 

Sure it is!

You just need The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2010!


Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World Florida


I have lived in the Orlando area for most of my life. We moved here the year Disney World opened in 1971 and I have been to the park just countless times and I just love it. 

We have family and friends who often visit and even though I myself can get the Florida Resident discounts (and the annual pass which is great), I needed to find a way for my relatives and friends to have a nice Orlando Disney vacation without spending a ton. 

In my usual manner, I scoured the Internet and came up with The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2010 (with free updates for life). I found it to be a lifesaver! It was written by a former cast member of Disney World who is also a best-selling travel author. I found the book to be invaluable!  

Now I can invite my family to go with me to Disney World and they can save money too!

If you are planning a trip to Orlando and are looking for a way to save money on your trip to Disney World, this is information you can't pass up. 



save money at disney world

How to save up to $500 and more just on Disney ticket costs alone
Best bargains online and off line
Exclusive discounts on park hopper tickets
The ins and outs of ticket upgrades
High and low price seasons
How to shop around for the best buys
Slash food expenses without sacrificing fun
How to score the best seats for the hottest shows
What to do on a rainy day
The one park you should visit last
How to beat the long lines
Hidden entrances
How to save big on souvenirs
 Disney's little-known resort discounts  





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