Want to find out how you can take an affordable family vacation (yes, even with a large family)?

How about saving money on hotels, rental cars, and cruises?

Just want to find out how to really find the cheapest airfare?

The industry of course would like to keep these secrets to themselves,
  but now you can learn huge money-saving tips and secrets (like inexpensive airline tickets) from a former (fired and disgruntled) travel agent!

Find out how to travel cheap. Seriously!



My name is Mike Anderson, and I am a research fiend. I research things to death! And since I LOVE to travel, but I am not rich, I was determined to find out how to travel cheap and find inexpensive airline tickets. I had always heard others talking about getting great discounts (sometimes better than the travel agents) on airfare and finding very cheap airfare, super cheap cruises, and low prices on hotels and rental cars..... but  HOW? 

I couldn't figure out where these folks were going to find these (apparently) secret travel tips. 

Even when I tried to go online and buy cheap airline tickets that were advertised, I still ended up paying full price because the discounted seats always seemed to be taken, or if they weren't, you had to go on the dates they had available (very few), and never on the dates for my planned vacation. Wow, how surprising. 

So I went on a search. 

 After stumbling around the web for a while, eventually I found this e-book, My Airfare Secrets, and I'm pretty excited about the money-saving tips this guy is sharing.

This book contains a ton of insider information on how to save money on airfare and get airline travel cheap, and save money on cruises, hotels, and rental cars. There really are a ton of great tips on how to travel cheap.

If you love to travel like I do, you can literally save thousands a year using the confidential travel agent secrets in this book. Not only that but the author also includes 6 free bonus books including a guide to good seats, a language phrase guide, and guides on hotel reservations, car rental, cruises, and holiday travel. AND he offers a money-back guarantee. I figure, if he is offering a guarantee, it really must be THAT good! 

I've already started saving money on tickets using the methods outlined in this book. My friend's family had not been able to take a vacation in years as they just don't have a lot of extra money, and now they are able to take 2 vacations a year. In fact, I even joined them on their last trip and had a blast in Vegas (won a little playing video poker too!). 

Anyone  can use these methods to learn how to find inexpensive airline tickets, cruises, hotels, or just learn how to travel cheap. 

But hey, you don't know me and you have no reason to trust me (I totally understand that), so just take a look at the guide and I think it speaks for itself. If you really want to learn how to travel cheap, it's a gold mine of information. 


My Airfare Secrets 

Retired Travel Agent Reveals How to Get Dirt Cheap Airfare Tickets!



How to knock hundreds off your airfare tickets
How to exploit loopholes in the computer system
How to get free upgrades on car rental and hotel
How to save huge on international flights
How to choose the best time to plan your trip
Earn free vouchers from travel agents for tickets
How to get huge discounts on luggage
Avoid searching in the wrong places for tickets
Learn what days to book your tickets for discounts
Travel agents vs airline agents -- The Truth
How to bargain for dirt cheap cruise prices (even free)
Learn how to avoid travel scams
Find out just how much you have been ripped off and overcharged
A secret method to get free food during your flights
How to knock $100 right off your next ticket
Truth exposed about buying tickets online
12 dirty little tricks to knock hundreds off your airfare
How airlines rob from the unprepared traveler

And much more including the 6 free bonus guides (including the complete set of The Seven Language Phrase Guides)...

Bottom line is if you are looking for cheap vacation spots and cheap vacation ideas this year, just get this guide. You'll have the knowledge to make pretty much any family vacation into an affordable family holiday. 

My Airfare Secrets  will really save you money on your next vacation...

You can't afford to not check out this guide.


Happy Traveling!





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